How to Unlock Inactive Cherry Accounts

1. Users who try to access a locked Cherry account will receive an error message…

“Oops! Your Cherry Exchange has been locked! An email has been sent to your registered email address.”

1. Click on the link given in your Email address to open the new release code request page.

2. Choose Request for New Release Code

3. Enter the email address linked to your Cherry account, key-in your 6 digit security pin and click Confirm to complete the release code request.

4. A message will prompt stating that the new release code has been sent to the email address linked to the Cherry account.

5. Go to your inbox and open the email form Cherry Credits. Instructions will be given on how to unlock the account including the:

  1. Release Account Link
  2. Release Code – Random alphanumeric string

6. On the release page, enter the:

  1. Login ID (Email Address)
  2. Password
  3. Release Code (from the Cherry Credits email)

Click ‘Confirm’ to complete the unlocking process.

7. You will receive another email stating that the Cherry account has been unlocked together with a new password.

8. Go back to and login using your new password.


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